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Kolya's English lessons are paid and he is happy!
We received this dream in January 2013 from Bekah Wright, our Dream Agent in Kyrgyzstan:
One of the first children we met when we started working in orphanages in Kyrgyzstan was our friend Kolya. Over the years we have watched him grow up into a responsible and disciplined young man. He was behind in school because of his poor eyesight, but several years ago a sponsor gave him a pair of glasses and now he is at the top of his class in every subject. Kolya is now living at home with his grandma and continuing his school successfully. He dreams of one day becoming a lawyer or a translator. He has started taking English lessons at a local toefl centre and is doing great. His English has improved noticeably in just one month. His teacher says he is a very good student, does all his homework and never misses a class. Because of his situation the director of the toefl centre has agreed to give us a discount of 500 som (the currency here) for 12 classes a month. His classes are already paid until the end of January.

And now it's fulfilled!! 
Here is the update:
Thank you so much for helping Kolya! I went to the Oxford English center today and paid for his English lessons until summer! The teacher there had nothing but raving comments about Kolya! She said he is an amazing student. He comes to class every day 30 minutes early to prepare for his classes and ask questions. The teacher was so impressed with his devotion that she personally bought him a russian/english dictionary! Thank you for impacting Kolya's life! The teacher said one thing that stood out to me. She said, giving him, an orphan, the opportunity to learn English will give him a huge advantage towards his future. I think in addition to this, having sponsors and people who care about him to give him such an opportunity is really what will encourage and help him to have an successful future!!!! THANKS!