May 22 - June 5, 2023

Trip Cost - $3,499

Join this team as we impact the hurting, helpless and hopeless  in this lovely country.  We will be partnering with John & Julie Wright.  We will be doing projects on a local farm, impacting orphans, and the elderly, and fulfilling some simple dreams.

Why not join the team?

This could be the opportunity of a lifetime.  Why wait?  We have many people that come on more than one trip with us.  One lady put it this way, "It's like I am addicted to helping people".

It begins with you filling out a trip application.  You can find the application here.

(Note: Trip Dates may swing a day or two each way because of flights.)

Please take note that the trip installment dates are not suggestions, but rather hard deadlines.  Apart from the deposit, if you miss a deadline there will be a $100 penalty added to your installment.

Trip Installments

$500 with Application

$1000 on/before February 25, 2023

$1,000 on/before April 9, 2023

$999 on/before May 14, 2023

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