Kyrgyzstan 2024 - August 29th - September 12th,  2024

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  • Doreen Seaward

    I have travelled with PI to Guatemala and cannot wait to head to Kyrgyzstan in September 2024.  

    ($0 Left Owing)

  • Sam Welten (Team Leader)

    This will be a crazy trip as ny Dad and I lead a team of World Changers to impact the hurting, helpless, and hopeless in Kyrgyzstan. ($0  Left Owing)

  • Jacqueline Morris

    I cannot wait to head to Kyrgyzstan and partner with John & Julie Wright.  It will be awesome to participate with what PI does in the field. Come on September 2024!  ($0 left owing)

  • Camilla Kerrigan-Chafe

    I just returned from Guatemala in March of this year (2023) and cannot wait to be part of this team to Kyrgyzstan in September of 2024.  ($190 Left Owing)

  • Corey Chafe

    When my wife(Camilla) got back from Guatemala she was so excited that she signed up for Kyrgyzstan.  I was so inspired by my her excitement and passion, I had to sign up also. ($190 Left Owing)