Assurance of Hope

Children's Home - Accra, Ghana

Thank you for considering supporting the Assurance of Hope (AOH) children's home in Ghana Africa.  Founded many years ago by an amazing local family  (that still run the day to day operations today) this is a home Possibilities International came across in 2012 and have been intimately involved with ever since.  

I have been involved with the Assurance of Hope home since 2013 and seeing first hand that is exactly what they do, provide hope to those that otherwise many have none.  They take in children in need for various reasons and once a child comes into care they typically spend the rest of their adolescence in the home.

We traditionally call these types of homes orphanages but this is a home and 1 giant family, I have been there dozens of times and it has never felt like an orphanage

Without AOH and your support, most of these children would end up living on the streets with a bleak future.  With your continued support every child attends school in uniform, are well nourished and have a loving home to call their own.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!(see report below circledownarrow )

AOH Report

Year 2022


In the year 2022, Assurance of Hope for the Needy has been successfully and less stressful in terms of service delivering. This was due to our mother sponsor Possibilities International and the selfless caregivers that exhibit their love towards nurturing of our beloved future leaders (children) and helping out with their daily activities performed in the children’s Home.

Activities that were undertaken in the year from January to December 2022 are:-

Paying of children school fees
Constant food purchasing
Buying of school uniforms
Feeding the children both in the home and outside the home Construction of food storage (Container)

Making of new wardrobes for all the four(5) children rooms, Paying of utility bills (water, hydro, dislodging of toilets) Rented rooms for older girls.

During the year 2022, few of the kids completed both junior and senior high school, which we enrolled the ones who completed the Senior High School into vocational and the tertiaries, but with those who just completed the Junior High school has gained admission into various senior high schools this year March 2023.

We had two of the children that undergone eye surgeries but each and everyone have their own diagnosed which one needs both eyes for cross linking surgery which one eye has been done successfully but still under monitory before the second eye will be operated upon and with the second boy his is needs contact lens with the left eye but his is been scheduled for April.

Two of our girls have completed their apprenticeship hair dressing but are serving their mistresses for a year as that is the policies which govern their term.

There have been great change and progress through the past years and into this year, children are very happy, back in school and are almost done with their first semester and about to vacate for the Easter season.

Rhoda Yartey