What is this all about?

Jeff Reitzel started this local outreach in 2008 as he wanted to bless local families that needed some help and hope during the Holiday Season. Possibilities International loves

this type of initiative(outreach), so PI is making it their local Christmas outreach this year.  Partnering together, the plan is to bless at least 100 families with age appropriate gifts, a Holiday Dinner with all the fixings, and a large stocking full of other gifts.

When does this event happen?

There is lots of hard work involved in mid December, and the wrapping of gifts takes place on December 15th, with the deliveries following soon after.

Who chooses the families that receive these incredible gifts of hope?

We have nothing to do with the choosing. An independent organization that has a pulse on the hurting, helpless and hopeless in Kitchener-Waterloo provides the names and addresses. Apart from the delivery, their names and locations stay anonymous and so do the names of those who are responsible for helping.

How can I help?

The full cost of bringing hope to one family is $270. However, what is unique about this opportunity is that you can make a difference for as little as $10. You decide what you want to give. As a charitable organization we can receipt you for any monetary help you provide for this outreach. If you are interested in helping wrap gifts or even helping with delivery you can get more information by emailing

Any other questions please feel free to email us at

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