NextGen 2024


March 8th to 17th, 2024

Cost: $2,749

This past March PI led its first NextGen team to Guatemala.  It was a huge success as the "Hope Train" ran wild impacting the hurting, helpless and hopeless.  Another team of high school students and young adults is heading to Guatemala during March Break 2024.  Building a house or two....impacting local schools...feeding the hungry...this trip will be epic as Bobby Archibald and Dean & Rebecca Welten give leadership to the team.

NextGen Info

Hope lives!

(Note: Trip Dates may swing a day or two each way because of flights.)

Please take note that the trip installment dates are not suggestions, but rather hard deadlines.  Apart from the deposit, if you miss a deadline there will be a $100 penalty added to your installment.

Trip Installments

$500 with Application

$500 on/before July 1, 2023

$1000 on/before October 20, 2023

$749 on/before December 31, 2023


Apply for NextGen trip here.